May Florence Be With You

This weekend was essentially my last weekend in Florence because I’ll be traveling to Cinque Terra, Sicily, Prague, and Budapest during my last three weeks abroad. It’s becoming harder every day knowing that I won’t be able to walk these streets anymore. I’ve made so many memories in this city that it’s going to be hard to remember them once I don’t have visual reminders like landmarks and streets to reminiscence on. I started to make a list of things\goals that I want to bring back with me when I get home and it’s been a good way to reflect on my experiences here.

1. Take time for yourself. In Italy, I’ll wake up and make breakfast, coffee, and listen to music while I take my time enjoying the morning. Why can’t I do this when I’m home?

2. Everything works out, don’t stress about all the little things. 

3. Take the time to appreciate people, things, and places. Enjoy making memories and sharing moments with any body and everyone, especially good friends.

4. Yoga, yoga, yoga. I’m so excited to get back into it when I get home!

5. Stay positive and open-minded about life and the people in it. 

6. Always travel. Some places I know I want to come back to in Europe are Germany, the UK, and Paris again. Then there’s a whole mess of continents that I wanna get over to as well.

I am really excited to go back to Fort Worth this summer and move in to a new home with one of my best friends. I’ll be starting a new internship and returning back to a former one as well. I miss my friends and family more than ever so I’m quite excited to see them as well. But I just can’t let Florence and my experiences slip away from me. Sounds of a baristas singing while they get my cappuccino ready in the morning and the way the Italian language sounds in general. The smell of Florence after rain and wine corks. The way the sun looks shining into a piazza and the reflection of the Ponte Vechhio on the Arno. The way I feel here, no stress and filled with a kind of detached happiness, I don’t want to ever forget these things.

Ciao America!

Today officially marks the two weeks leading up to my departure from Texas to Florence. It’s been a long time coming and I feel like I am better prepared for it after writing several of these blog posts.

But at the same time, it’s finally hitting me that I’ll be leaving everything behind. My boyfriend, family, friends, and my closet. All the things I love most in this world will be here in America while I’m out gallivanting off in Europe. I guess it finally hitting them that when you travel, you are always going to be leaving something behind.

Regardless, I am stoked. This semester is going to be a much needed break from my rigorous schedule of work and school. I’m looking forward to having lots of adventures and experiencing everything study abroad has to offer me. One of my resolutions for the new year was to maintain an open mind abroad. I also wanted to focus on staying positive. I need to be prepared for things to get messed up along the way and allow myself not to plan every detail of my trips. I also need to focus of making new friends and making sure I don’t get wrapped up in my anxiety. Change is sometimes really hard for me to do, but I hope that the beautiful sites and people abroad will help to numb the pain.

So after months of trying to decide where to go abroad I have my top list of places:

1. Paris

2. Barcelona

3. Turkey (spring break with Monica Taylor)

4. And I’m leaving this last outside trip open 🙂 Although I will say I’ve been throwing around the ideas of Poland, London, Stockholm, Budapest, Berlin, Dublin, and Amsterdam….but we will have to see once I am there.

Back in November 2010, I also made a list of the top 10 places I wanted to visit (and I was so sure I was going to see all of these hahaha):

1. Paris, France (cliche but it’s a must for any fashion junkie)

2. Venice, Rome, Tuscany

3. Amsterdam (the quintessential college destination)

4. Moscow, Russia

5. Stockholm, Sweden

6. Ireland, Scotland, London

7. India (where I want to spend my spring break)

8. Barcelona, Spain

9. Beijing, China

10. Greece, anywhere.

I am so happy with how much I’ve changed just in the past year at home, but I know there are so many more changes ahead of me in these next few months. I hope I can still reflect and write about them on my blog, but if not there’s always Facebook.

The Ads are Changing as Fast as the Leaves

At this point in the semester Texas is starting to venture down into the mid 60s outside and girls are starting to pull on their boots and leggings. College midterms have passed and it seems like a narrow road to finals week. However, football is in full swing and there are plenty of holidays to look forward to this season.

Amidst all of this fall action, advertising is turning up the volume with some splendid spots on television. Fall fashion magazines are filled with print ads that inspire fashion creativity. I’m going to take some time to outline a few of my favorites so far this season.


This commercial for Canal+ is absolutely hilarious and so well done.

I was lucky enough to hear from Leo Burnett about their strategy behind the Mayhem commercials. The new ‘Blind Spot‘ commercial is my favorite so far.

This spot for EA Games is actually a fantastic spot for video games.

Alcohol is one of the most interesting advertising forums. The commercials can range from witty to hilarious to fun to corny. Luckily this one for Wiserhood is extremely clever.

I just saw this ad for Norwegian Cruises that was really great.


Absolut Vodka: Outrageous

AWARD: Get Your Name On It, Art Director

Citroën Jumper Minibus: Wolf

Bulmers Cider: Walt

Anthropologie: So Good in So Many Ways

Please click the above, I promise you won’t be sorry.

When upon arriving to the site, I was just hoping to look for a great shoe or a new quilt for my bed. Little did I know that I would see one of the cutest and most innovative flash videos.

It first asks you “Where are you headed?” and you have a choice between the Boot Hill, Necklace Valley, Clutch Creek, Bracelet Park, Ring Peak, or Belt Bridge. Then it takes you to a through a little miniature set up of a village. Each little “trip” includes their products as part of the landscape with little tiny people included in the setting. It is an amazing use of their products and was highly creative.

A lot of times, clothing company lack innovation when it comes to displaying their products in new and interesting ways. Anthropologie almost always has great window displays, direct mail pieces, and this little animation tops it off.

Hats off to you, Anthropologie, for always being ahead of the game.

Here is an example of one of their window displays.

Lifetime Inspiration

I always feel like to get to know someone, you should know the basics.

1. I love Sarah Jessica Parker and all things Sex and the City

2. Blink-182 is probably one of the greatest bands alive.

3. Gap is my current fashion obsession. Practicality meets comfort. Anything more a college girl could ask for?

4. Which leads me to Jeffrey Campbell. Hands down the best show designer out there. See my latest purchase below:

5. I love to learn. I hate all the tests, homework assignments, and required blog posts for classes. But I could listen to a teacher talk about an interesting subject for at least an hour without getting too painfully bored to death.

6. I’m a TV junkie. Right now, I’m watching How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Weeds, Dexter, and Community. I will always watch Friends and Sex and the City.

You know, someone should really consider paying HIMYM to have Barney where their specific brand of suits. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would become brand loyal after Mr. Stinson mentions it a few episodes.

My favorite place I have been…as of right now…is Australia. Melbourne to be exact. I went this summer for about 3.5 weeks and absolutely adored it. I went to New Zealand as well. Both are gorgeous countries with some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. I’ve also been to London when I was 16. It was pretty wonderful as well. This summer I would like to go to Canada at some point.

This is zorbing. It’s an action sport where you are in a giant plastic ball filled with water. It originated in New Zealand and it’s in a few states here.

The most noteworthy thing I did, besides spent far too much money on shopping, was going shark diving. It was an amazing experience. And although I am terrified of fish (yes the little guppies and bass and all those creepy fish that swim in lakes and such) I loved scuba diving. Something about the way that the suit covers my entire body so the fish can’t nibble on my toes or brush up against me…it makes me feel a little more secure underwater. However I do want to get scuba certified before Italy because I would love to try to go scuba diving somewhere off the coast of Greece. I don’t even know if thats possible but it would amazing if it was.