Death of the Ad Slogan

The 1980s and 90s gave us commercials with slogans that would run in different scenarios for several months. Think of the “Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell” or “Yo quiero Taco Bell”. These ad slogans were easy to remember and created a pop culture phenomenon and following for the company. It was like a commercial catchphrase that was easy for consumers to engage in an applicable to several different commercial ideas. Was this their tagline for the company? Not necessarily.

These commercials were catchy and funny. People were entertained by the ideas, followed the characters, and produced a long-lasting impression on the pop culture landscape. These commercials spawned merchandise and several commercial spots that strengthened the campaign idea.

But what about today’s commercials? Even the ‘best’ commercials or the most popular commercials don’t have the longevity of the aforementioned spots. You don’t see people quoting the Old Spice’s “The man your man could smell like.

Is this a change  in our society or a change in the advertising climate?

I personally think this may be a change in advertising. Don’t get me wrong, I think the commercials out right now have incredible concepts that can run in different situations, but I don’t think they are as easy to remember. I think they have memorable lines people can still quote and eventually make their way into pop culture, but they don’t always include the company name. By creating these funny commercials which work their way into our hearts, they are inevitably leaving their brand out in the cold, heartless world of the consumerism.

By creating clever lines that combine humor and brand loyalty, advertising can retain their staying power.

The Ads are Changing as Fast as the Leaves

At this point in the semester Texas is starting to venture down into the mid 60s outside and girls are starting to pull on their boots and leggings. College midterms have passed and it seems like a narrow road to finals week. However, football is in full swing and there are plenty of holidays to look forward to this season.

Amidst all of this fall action, advertising is turning up the volume with some splendid spots on television. Fall fashion magazines are filled with print ads that inspire fashion creativity. I’m going to take some time to outline a few of my favorites so far this season.


This commercial for Canal+ is absolutely hilarious and so well done.

I was lucky enough to hear from Leo Burnett about their strategy behind the Mayhem commercials. The new ‘Blind Spot‘ commercial is my favorite so far.

This spot for EA Games is actually a fantastic spot for video games.

Alcohol is one of the most interesting advertising forums. The commercials can range from witty to hilarious to fun to corny. Luckily this one for Wiserhood is extremely clever.

I just saw this ad for Norwegian Cruises that was really great.


Absolut Vodka: Outrageous

AWARD: Get Your Name On It, Art Director

Citroën Jumper Minibus: Wolf

Bulmers Cider: Walt