Lifetime Inspiration

I always feel like to get to know someone, you should know the basics.

1. I love Sarah Jessica Parker and all things Sex and the City

2. Blink-182 is probably one of the greatest bands alive.

3. Gap is my current fashion obsession. Practicality meets comfort. Anything more a college girl could ask for?

4. Which leads me to Jeffrey Campbell. Hands down the best show designer out there. See my latest purchase below:

5. I love to learn. I hate all the tests, homework assignments, and required blog posts for classes. But I could listen to a teacher talk about an interesting subject for at least an hour without getting too painfully bored to death.

6. I’m a TV junkie. Right now, I’m watching How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Weeds, Dexter, and Community. I will always watch Friends and Sex and the City.

You know, someone should really consider paying HIMYM to have Barney where their specific brand of suits. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would become brand loyal after Mr. Stinson mentions it a few episodes.

My favorite place I have been…as of right now…is Australia. Melbourne to be exact. I went this summer for about 3.5 weeks and absolutely adored it. I went to New Zealand as well. Both are gorgeous countries with some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. I’ve also been to London when I was 16. It was pretty wonderful as well. This summer I would like to go to Canada at some point.

This is zorbing. It’s an action sport where you are in a giant plastic ball filled with water. It originated in New Zealand and it’s in a few states here.

The most noteworthy thing I did, besides spent far too much money on shopping, was going shark diving. It was an amazing experience. And although I am terrified of fish (yes the little guppies and bass and all those creepy fish that swim in lakes and such) I loved scuba diving. Something about the way that the suit covers my entire body so the fish can’t nibble on my toes or brush up against me…it makes me feel a little more secure underwater. However I do want to get scuba certified before Italy because I would love to try to go scuba diving somewhere off the coast of Greece. I don’t even know if thats possible but it would amazing if it was.

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