Today, I’ve decided to add myself to the pool of esteemed bloggers who are now the masters of many of our thoughts. Well, I mean your thoughts, because I am now one of them.

Oh never mind. I’m doing this to put my thoughts down and to ponder the way our world interacts with 3 of my greatest passions: fashion, advertising, and travel. Throughout this blog I will periodically post about topics pertaining to these topics. The newest fashion inspiration, the greatest commercials of the week , or the newest place I have an obsession. I am trying to prepare myself for the world out there. There are so many amazing places, cultures, and clothes to be explored and I want to start educating myself now.

I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy in the Spring of 2012 and here is a tentative list of the top locations I want to visit:

1. Paris, France (cliche but it’s a must for any fashion junkie)

2. Venice, Rome, Tuscany

3. Amsterdam (the quintessential college destination)

4. Moscow, Russia

5. Stockholm, Sweden

6. Ireland, Scotland, London

7. India (where I want to spend my spring break)

8. Barcelona, Spain

9. Beijing, China

10. Greece, anywhere.

It’s going to be an adventure. Guess what though? You can join me! Figuratively though. That would just be terrifying if you actually followed me.

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted. Haha, get it? Blog posts…posted? Ah.

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