Internships Unzipped

Since school has started, I’ve barely had time to process my new busy schedule, let alone get used to it. I’m finally taking some time to talk about my summer and the experiences I was able to have. I’ve always been interested in advertising. When my family first invested in TiVo, I was actually disappointed that I would miss the ads..well the good ads anyway. So during my busy summer at The Loomis Agency I’ve really had a chance to see the kind of chops it takes to make it in the industry. I wanted to discuss some things I’ve learned from the past 12 weeks.

1. Details Matter

I’ve been told this time and time again from my teachers in the Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU, but I’ll admit I never took them seriously about it. Tiny typos and spelling mistakes look glaring against a professional backdrop. It’s something I’ve been working on this semester in my new classes, but I’ll admit I have a bit of trouble with grammar (as some of my readers may have noticed).

2. Work Quickly, but Maintain Quality

Although there are hundreds of deadlines and meetings to factor into a busy schedule, you can’t rush good work. A creative briefs still needs to be tight, a change order for the creative department needs to be descriptive, and an email still needs to outline all the major details.

3. Communication is the Key to Success

This is something that I’m starting to learn more about each day. As advertisers, it’s our job to communicate effectively to our consumers. So it would make sense that we would need to communicate with our account service team, with the creative department, and with the client. An email is common currency, but phone calls will be incoming and outgoing all day long. Don’t let technology take over though, a friendly facial reminder that you need that updated POP sign can get it faster in the long run.

Overall, I spent my summer running errands like buying 10 different fast food burgers, writing work orders and change orders to help facilitate work within the agency, and learning how an agency runs on a daily basis. Although I did work in the account service department, I’ve realized that the creative side is where I want to be. I’m currently in Creative Communications and Ad Copywriting and both courses help me to focus on the creative aspect of advertising, which was my initial love for advertising. Creative ads are sometimes more entertaining and purposeful than an amazing episode of How I Met Your Mother.

My favorite ad of the day:

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