POM Wonderful?

Pomegrante juice. Something that I never would have associated with sex, has decided to link itself to the concept that sex sells. But does it really?

I have to admit that staring an an Adonis-type warrior for 30 seconds did make me want me want him. But did it make me want POM Wonderful? Not exactly. The more commercials I saw for this drink, the more obnoxious they seemed. No super fruit is going to completely alter you into a god or goddess.

And apparently the Federal Trade Commission or FTC also agreed. But not about it touting the effects of sexual desire, but about it’s false claims that POM Wonderful can, “prevent, reduce the risk of, and treat heart disease, including by decreasing arterial plaque, lowering blood pressure, and improving blood flow to the heart” which is supposedly backed by research.

Their websites claims:

POM is the Antioxidant Superpower

I mean I can see how the FTC is a little concerned about them. They go on to list the studies and the “superpowers” their antioxidants possess.

I really think their campaign is little off with their brand image. The latest commercial I just saw is their new commercial inspired by the classic story of Adam and Eve.

While I will admit the concept behind this ad is actually pretty good, but I think that the connection between sex and pomegranates is a little far-fetched. But if you think about, they are just one more healthy, natural, fruit juice trapped in an overgrown market of organic drinks. It’s a toss-up for me, are the antioxidants going to their heads or do they have super human advertising gold?

LA Times estimates that their sales could be around 100 million.

Well damn. Maybe they do have it right.

For me, I’ll stick to my yoga and unfiltered water.






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