Dinosaurs vs Robots

I just finished reading an article published on Ad Age written from the perspective of an older advertising exec. The article boasts how even though older generations of ad men lost their control over the ad world due to the excessively fast rise of the digital work. However, he defends his generation saying that he has been able to learn the ropes and bring his experience to this new platform.

Well that’s just peachy.

I’m glad the new younger generation (the one I’m apart of), whose edge was the knowledge of the digital world, is being screwed out of that.

Here’s a link to the article. It’s actually very well written and a great read. But scary for those of us still in college or approaching the job market in advertising. Not only do I feel like it’s a cut-throat environment between my colleagues and myself, but now I’m going to have to continue to compete with seniors who will still know how to write a mean copy.

On a bright note:

I’m absolutely in love with this commercial Ad Age posted that is a spot for the Levi’s and Opening Ceremony collaboration. Absolutely perfect.

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