Oh Canada.

There is an ongoing debate occurring between myself..and well..myself. Should I save up/set aside some money to go to Vancouver, Canada this summer and take a long 4-day-weekend there. I will be working 40+ hours for 3 months straight at my internship so this would be a nice sort of break from being an advertising firm’s (excuse my French) bitch for a few days and really give me something to look forward to. Also getting out of the Texas heat and into some beautiful weather could be nice. But I guess I should start to find out what makes Canada any better than what they show on South Park.

So after checking out some information on Lonely Planet, I’ve found they have a great listing of activities to do in Vancouver! Some of favorites so far are:

Scuba DivingKayaking in a Cove, and  a Sea Safari!

Some of the shopping I’m interested in is vintage, shoes, and just some good old-fashioned clothing stores.

I’m also trying to figure out which part of town to stay in.  East Vancouver is very hipster and has a boho type of feel to the city. While the Downtown area is very upscale and chic. Both hotel rates are about the same for either side of the city and both are not that far away from each other so I guess it’s not that big of a decision.

All these things along with great restaurants and an amazing nightlife, this trip would be a great way to satisfy my travel bug right now! But part of me would still really want a diamond necklace.

More updates will come if I decided to take the plunge and buy the place tickets (which are pretty cheap! only $300 per ticket!)

Other places to see and things to do according to my good friend Ava Sharbaf who visited Vancouver a few years ago:

Butchart Gardens on Victoria Island

Granville and Whisler Island

Vancouver Art Gallery-Downtown

Parks of Vancouver-Stanley Park with Bike Rentals and beaches

Eat at White Spot: a Canadian staple with a kid’s Pirate Pack which you much order to go.

Check out Chinatown

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver Aquarium

Check out Zara and H&M

Shopping at Robson and Denman

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