California Dreamin’

I’ve just returned from a relaxing/hectic vacation in Califonia for the 2011 Rose Bowl in Pasadena. My beloved TCU Horned Frogs were playing the Wisconsin Badgers and my dad (a Wisconsin Alum) wouldn’t let our family miss it for the world.

The game was hands down the most spectacular part of the trip-with TCU beating Wisconsin by 2 points and seeing it was incredible. However, I felt like I saw quite a bit of California during the trip. We stayed at a hotel in West Hollywood, spent New Years Day in Pasadena for the game and the parade, then spent the next day in Laguna Beach, and finished the trip by visiting Venice, Rodonda, and Manhattan Beaches on our way to LAX. Talk about sight seeing.

Laguna Beach

I’ve seen episodes of Laguna Beach (the television show) that shows snobby and over-priviledged girls shopping and eating at expensive resturants. Honestly, the town had a very beachy feel to it with many locals hanging around shopping and eating out. We had the chance t visit a delicious sushi resturant and experience some great shopping. I was even able to buy a new pair of Jeffrey Campbells at 40% off!

Redondo Beach

The entire reason we visited Redondo beach was because The O.C. is my sister’s favorite television show. We looked up online and found out that a majority of the major scenes are filmed on the Redondo Pier. So off we went. The actual beach is gorgeous and the coffee house had…a lot of character. It was definitely a hole-in-the-wall but it had some damn good milkshakes.

And The O.C. booth picture at the Redondo Beach Coffee House

Manhattan Beach

This was one of the most beautiful beaches in California. We were able to watch the sunset right before we went to LAX. We only were able to stay on the main strip for an hour or two. It has a TON of great shops like Katwalk, The Beehive, and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, both great places to hit up if you’re in the area. Although Coffee Bean is pretty much like Starbucks in California. However, watching the sunset on the California coast with Coffee Bean coffee doesn’t get much better.

I’ve always wanted to move to California. When I was aboit 9 years old we went to LA for the first time and I remember stepping off the plane and completely freaking out that it wasn’t 104 degrees like Texas. It’s sunny, has great temperatures, amazing shopping, and a ton of things to do in every city no matter where you are in California. Hopefully, I’ll be able to save up enough and move there and find a job in San Francisco. Here’s to dreaming of my future home in California but being stuck deep in the heart of Texas.

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