Fashion at Your Fingertips

Considering the situation I find myself in at the moment-stuck in a classroom watching 2 hours of student presentations on race, gender, and mass media-I couldn’t think of a better way to send this time blogging!

As most of my friends know, online shopping is somewhat an addiction of mine. But I just can’t help myself, when all of my favorite stores in one place-and with great sales!

Most of these stores offer in-store deals that are similar to their web site counterparts. But the major difference is the obvious availability of these online stores. Ebay, which is like a megastore combining millions new, old, and just plain crappy items that can be listed at any time. Then there are also websites like Etsy, an online web site that allows people to list vintage or homemade items on personal “shops”. It’s like a giant antique mall, except you don’t have to dig around is what feels like your grandmother’s garage. Another great aspect about online shopping is the idea that web site can hold a multitude of different brands and designers. Karmaloop has tons of brands ranging from Alternative Apparel and Free People to Converse and Quiksilver. What these websites have to offer are more choices, more opportunities, and more sales.

In October, I attended the American Advertising Federation’s Student Conference in Dallas. One of the speakers, Christ Pitre, talked about the 10 Commandments of Social Media. And interestingly enough, he compared each one to one of Beyonce’s songs. Here is the bio of him from AAF:

“Chris Pitre is a Social Marketing Strategist at IDEA, a national digital agency headquartered in Houston. He oversees the social media initiatives for global clients like HP, as well as the agency, and serves as an in-house maven on social, mobile, and integrated digital marketing strategies. Prior to joining IDEA, Chris worked in marketing roles at web development firms and an ad agency. In addition to helping brands navigate the social web, Chris sits on the board of the American Advertising Federation Houston as the Social Media chair and served as chair for Interactive Strategies, an interactive marketing conference hosted by the Houston Interactive Marketing Association where he sits on the board of directors. Chris, a Houston native, graduated with a B.B.A. in Marketing from The George Washington University, where he participated in NSAC, was a finalist for Most Promising Minority Students, and served as president of the AAF Ad Club.”

Chris Pitre’s Twitter:

During his presentation, he discussed the idea that social media could be integrated into retail marketing and advertising. Pitre suggested that companies could make their products available to tag in Facebook pictures. Those same pictures could show up when you access a website, so when you are shopping, you can pick the same shirt that your friend wore in her pictures last weekend. Pitre made a huge point in saying that these tactics could integrate social media in a more productive way to generate sales. Also, the same tactics could make the online shopping a more personal experience by using information gathered by social media. As some of you may know, any links in your likes section are sold to companies who pay for that kind of information, specifically to market directly to your demographic, psychographic, etc.

Fashion doesn’t just deal with shopping, there’s also a great deal of personal expression in the way that we dress. For me, dressing is either for comfort (during class) or for style (anywhere else) and is a great way present myself to people. Magazines from Lucky to Vogue to Nylon, all have various web content to encourage trends and watch for new ones. A great website to find inspiration for fashion is Chictopia, where real people can post pictures of their daily styles.

This is just one of the thousands of styles that people from all over the globe post. The global village we now live in continues to become smaller each day and sites like Chictopia encourage cross-cultural communication and new relationships.

I love the way the Internet connects different cultures, especially when it deals with different cultures and different countries. Before I went to Australia this summer, I spent a few hours trying to figure out the types of fashion that Australians like to wear.




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